4 Pain Points to Address in Your Digital Marketing

When it comes to delivering an effective digital marketing plan, business owners and managers often struggle with roadblocks that commonly pop up. This is especially so for businesses that are just starting out in the digital marketing world.

In this quick guide, we’ll be breaking down four common marketing pain points and how to get past them.

1. The price of digital advertising is too much

Maybe you’ve thought, “We can’t afford to advertise on Google or social.” or “We already hired multiple sales reps to make outbound calls. “

You’re definitely not alone. However, you can’t really evaluate if you “can’t afford” Google Ads or social media ads without actually giving them a shot and tracking your return on investment (ROI) with those ads.

It also helps to think about Google as your personal sales representative. Google Ads will essentially bring you inbound phone calls with ready-to-buy customers, rather than outbound calls with low conversion rates and high cancelation rates. Google Ads can absolutely be worth investing in.

Contact Mitchell Alomar today and let us review the issues you may be experiencing with evaluating your ROI on Google or social ads. We’ll provide you with a full marketing breakdown and timelines, and help you will see results in 30 days or less.

2. Email marketing is bringing no results 

A lot of businesses get disillusions with email campaigns when they only provide opens and clicks– not conversions.

Ask yourself: Are you using Mail Chimp or Constant Contact? Are your emails designed with top-quality graphics and unique content? Or are you just writing too much text? People tend to read emails on mobile devices for less than three seconds.

Even if the above scenario doesn’t resonate with you, maybe you just don’t want to send out weekly emails that will spam your customers. Maybe you’re fine with sending out a mass email every few months

This is, unfortunately, a bad excuse and a huge missed opportunity to connect with your customers. Not investing in email means you’re not connecting with new prospects or using the right email filtering tools to exclude certain customers. 

Here’s our time. Send out one email to all prospects. In three days, send another email to all of the prospects who haven’t open the first email.  Use a call tracking number on each email, multiple times throughout the email. Then, demonstrate the value of your product or service in the next email. We recommend Klaviyo for better email tracking. 

3. Google ads are not working

How much are you spending on Google Ads per day? Most companies spend $500 in three days, then stop advertising. Why not spend less per day and optimize aggressively.?

Here are some steps we’d recommend:

  • Spend $25 per day 
  • Turn on ads 24/7 
  • A/B test your ad copy
  • Advertise different landing pages

Are you tracking inbound calls and form submissions from a landing page? There are a lot of questions you need to ask before declaring that Google Ads has been a flop for your business.

4. Really utilize your staff

It may seem financially ideal to downsize your staff, replace them with “more efficient” team members, or to only hire in-house staff.

Just because your team can handle it all now doesn’t mean they’ll be able to in six months. Just wait and see: Only one email will be sent out, no social media posts will be published, no LinkedIn messages will be sent, and $10,000 will be spent on ads with no results. All because the (overworked and underqualified) person doesn’t know how to manage ads.

We recommend keeping your valued staff members for their unquie skill sets, for example, social media management or Google Ads management. Try to outsource those tasks to multiple companies and give them thirty days, and if there are no results, then fire them. If they do bring results, then it’s a win for everyone.

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