After You Capture A Lead, What Comes Next?

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

Congrats! An additional lead has just been added to the list! Whether lead generation is done via Google ads or Facebook ads, the important thing is to turn those leads into sales. For most digital marketers, the crux of the job is to get leads in the door.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Mitchell Alomar recommends taking extra steps to convert these leads into sales. This is what comes next after lead generation.

Just because somebody downloaded an ebook or entered their details on a landing page doesn’t mean they are ready to make a purchase.

In fact, about 50% of leads are not ready to commit to a purchase.

So what comes next? The answer can be simply explained in two words, lead nurturing. For Mitchell Alomar, an effective lead nurturing campaign moves the buyer from the first step in the buying cycle to the final step. This is the point where they make the purchase.

Send an Automatic Follow-Up Email

Immediately after a lead is captured, the next step is to send out a follow-up email. Lead generation strategies like Google ads often lead to a landing page. Hence, the follow-up email should contain information from this landing page.

More importantly, these emails should be specially curated to fit the buyer persona, needs and characteristics!

Follow Up With a Call

Human interaction is a vital part of the sales process. Mitchell Alomar recommends following up with a call after the email has been sent. This doesn’t have to be an immediate process. You can always wait for a few days before making the call.

During the call, discuss the buyer’s needs (problem points) and how the product can solve these issues.

If There’s No Answer on The Call – Send a Text Message

Sometimes, the prospective buyer may not be available to take a call. In instances like this, Mitchell Alomar advises the sending of a message instead.

The message should be a reminder about the product/service they checked out and the best way to purchase these products.

With these steps, the lead generation process has a higher chance of leading to a sale.

What Next After Lead Generation: An Illustration

Here’s a prime example of how this process works. Instead of using Google Ads, HubSpot uses e-books as a lead generation strategy.

Once the lead has been captured, the marketing team sends out an email that looks just like this.

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

For leads that are not converted, the marketing team will then go on to place a call or send a text to the interested party!

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