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Alert Medical Alarms is a medical equipment brand that manufactures and distributes devices.

These devices are mainly medical alarms for disabled and elderly at-risk consumers who wish to have more of a sense of security in their homes.

Alert Medical Alarms also works with service coordinators to provide top-tier service and care to their members.

As a medical company, Alert Medical Alarms needed a website that was highly accessible and showcased (in plain language) the benefits of their devices.





Mitchell Alomar

Mitchell Alomar is a digital marketing expert with a specialty in digital advertising and graphic design. With over six years of experience in the industry, Alomar is the freelance specialist who can redesign your struggling website to be more marketable, generate more leads, and serve your business the right way.


The ultimate goal of a website redesign is to encourage more conversions. By focusing on storytelling, a better user interface, and user-friendly feature, we gave this website a better opportunity to pull in leads and turn them into conversions.

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