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Before & After Conversion Optimization

I wanted to help you improve the visitor’s user experience to convert better.

The average conversion rate is 2%, with these changes you can get leads to convert at 15%-20% rate.

With spending over 300k per month on ad spend, I found the contact form with fewer fields converts better.

By combing the first name and last name to full name, you reduce two fields to one field. (a marketing script can separate both the names to the crm)

referred by field, can be a hidden field and you can pull that information with UTM codes.

i am not a robot field is remove, hubspot has a feature to remove robot spam emails.

city , state fields are removed, you can automatically pull the city and state hidden fields from the zip code using a script – try searching for your zip code, using this website –

the font family is changed to serif, which makes it easier for the visitor to read.

the background image was too busy, have a plain background and look at the women looking at the contact form. this helps the visitor look at the form. sounds crazy but it works.

removed the fridge image (that image can be overwhelming), lets keep it simple with the free sample pack

less is more, visitors only have 30-60 seconds to make a decision.

if the page is too long visitors wont convert.

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