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Case Study: DopTop Working With Mitchell Alomar – New Shopify Website & Google Shopping Ads

Droptop hired Mitchell Alomar to create a top-notch Shopify website, by the way, created the website from scratch and focus to get sales. Droptop is a one-stop convenience eCommerce platform that specializes in top quality beauty and health products.

Google Shopping Ads

One thing you need to always remember is website users love a quick, easy to use the website, user interface which highlights big discounts. By having an e-commerce with so much dynamic content such as prices, product images, related product features, related products, all of these features help the consumer make a better decision. The feature, ‘Buy packs’, has also been introduced to showcase the difference between doptop and other shopping websites.

While these features address the consumer who are aware of Doptop, I as a marketer had to ensure that we capture consumers at the start of the marketing funnel. To accomplish this, I’ve built a google shopping ads campaign, which ensures that various impressions are converted into sales through the e-commerce website.

Google shopping ads integration was such a huge feature to list all the products on any website. Along with creating a new website from scratch also build the email campaigns, create the graphics, set up targeting and add social media presence. The main motivation behind all of these integrations was to capture consumer information and show them how to purchase.

The main motive behind employing a Shopify website is to keep a track of all the sales mediums, products and customers in a one-stop solution. Coupled with Google shopping ads, it’s possible to see extensive benefits from this, starting from lead generation, leading all the way up to sales on the eCommerce platform.

It’s been an absolute pleasure for me in building Doptop’s new e-commerce portal from the ground up.

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About Mitchell Alomar

Meet your marketing specialist with 6+ years of agency experience. No I do not own an agency, only looking for part time work to help grow small to mid size businesses. 

I help local businesses who need help with marketing in philadelphia or south jersey:
– From creating weekly email campaigns.
– Manage paid search campaigns (Google, Social, Linkedin )
 Create Graphics from scratch (photoshop, canvas)

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