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Case Study: Ecommerce Sales | Company: Modern Blue Light Glasses

Case Study: Ecommerce Sales | Company: Modern Blue Light Glasses

About the company: https://modernbluelightglasses.

About the company:

New ecommerce website
No Sales
Inventory ready to ship
Invested time and money into the business

At Geo Tie LLC, we created a facebook business advertising account. installed unquie pixel for audience tracking, created look alike audiences, new graphic design per ad, all original ad copy, and a/b testing.


Advertising cost:
Cost per purchase: $15.83 per purchase

Cost per actual product: $2.00

Website Price: $49.95

At Geo Tie LLC, we recently helped a client, Modern Blue Light Glasses, in various ways to improve their ecommerce sales. Blue Light Glasses is a company that sells glasses specifically designed to eliminate glare. These products are ideal for those who may have to sit in front of a screen for extended periods of time, whether for professional or personal reasons.

Modern Blue Light Glasses is designed to minimize digital eye strain and poor sleep, and their products are also stylish and comfortable. Their mission is to make off-screen life for those who may spend lots of time in front of a screen. They feature a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Modern Blue Light Glasses didn’t have any sales yet but had created a new ecommerce website to succeed. Although they had inventory to ship and had invested a significant amount of time and money into the business, they weren’t getting the ecommerce sales and ecommerce ROI they were hoping for.

Geo Tie was able to help Blue Light Modern Glasses in a variety of ways. First, we created a Facebook business advertising account to reach new demographics. Second, we wrote original ad copy to increase conversion rates and implemented A/B testing to figure out the most effective way to reach new consumers.

Third, we installed unique pixels for audience tracking to understand more about the consumer journey. We also created lookalike audiences for marketing purposes. Lookalike audiences help target similar audiences to your existing consumers and audience. Geo Tie LLC also provided new graphic designs for the ads to ensure that the brand messaging was clear.

The ecommerce ROI from these methods became extremely clear very quickly. Modern Blue Light Glasses boasted a cost per actual product of $2.00. We were able to significantly increase ecommerce sales, and the cost per purchase for Modern Blue Light Glasses comes in at $15.83. This means that Modern Blue Light Glasses is profiting $13.83 on every purchase, on average. To boot, the price of the website was only $49.95.

As you can see, Geo Tie was able to increase ecommerce ROI exponentially, and Modern Blue Light Glasses and their ecommerce sales have been steadily improving. If your business is struggling with its ecommerce sales or ecommerce ROI, contact Geo Tie LLC. We are confident that we can help improve your marketing and sales strategies, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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