Case Study: Green Star Exteriors Working With Mitchell Alomar – Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

Here is a recent case study with Green Star Exteriors working with Mitchell Alomar – The Digital Marketing Expert. Green Star Exteriors’ mean goal, They wanted to generate more leads by form submissions or phone calls. Also, drive high-quality traffic to their website using Google and Facebook Ads. 

Mitchell Alomar specializes in delivering and tracking high-quality leads from multiple advertising channels, such as Google Search, Google Display, Bing, Facebook / Instagram Ads, and remarketing ads networks,.

Step 1: Marketing Strategy

The first thing Mitchell Alomar did was to identify the maximum cost per lead (CPL)  Green Star Exteriors was comfortable paying. Basically, we needed to find out how much they were willing to spend to get form signups and direct phone calls.

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

Step 2: Landing Page Redesign

Now that we had come up with a rough estimate of their CPL, it was time to improve their landing page design and structure to maximize conversions. 

We did this by restructuring their old landing page by having the signup form above and below the fold, included trust badges, areas of service, and the before and after pictures of satisfied roof replacement customers. 

Ultimately, Mitchell Alomar came up with a new user-friendly landing page design. It was easy to read and significantly improved their conversion rate. 

Example – of a landing page Before and After

Before –

After –

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

Step 3: Website Optimization: Speed and UI

While their new landing page was conversion-friendly, it’s UI left a lot to be desired, and it was slow with a load speed of approximately 7s, which would hurt conversions. I ran a technical optimization campaign and managed to get it to 1.7s, which is significantly lower than what Google recommends. 

Step 4: Lead Magnet and Email automation with MailChimp

To improve form sign ups and generate phone calls, the best lead capture offer is a free brochure.

BEFORE – Brochure BluePrint

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing


Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

The goal was to offer the lead magnet to potential leads in exchange for their email address, and then we would set up an email campaign with MailChimp to nurture those leads and turn them into paying customers. 

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing
Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

Step 5: PPC campaign

Green Star Exteriors has four primary service offerings–windows, roofing replacement, siding, and doors, and they provide these services in three central locations; Pennsylvania, South Jersey and the State of Delaware. 

Our main objective was to generate more roof replacement leads from each state so I had to take full control of their Ad budget on social media—Facebook and Instagram ads. We ran multiple ad campaigns testing different combinations of states, city and keywords to find the best converting campaign.

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing
Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing


After testing multiple ad sets with different combinations of keywords, city and state, We found a winning ad campaign and managed to get Green Star Exteriors roof replacement leads for a low cost than other providers.

3X Lower Cost.

Green Star Exteriors was able to capture new email addresses for remarketing purposes, scheduled multiple appointments from form submissions and phone calls. 

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Who is Mitchell Alomar?

Worked with multiple Digital Agencies as a PPC Manager.

His key responsibility in every role, to develop strategies, maintaining campaign performance, and managing that efficiently promote products and services for businesses. 

Google Ad Campaigns

Every Paid Advertising Channel such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, which plays a substantial role in enhancing a business’s sales, as well as driving high-quality website traffic. 

Mitchell Alomar is a Google Ad certificated marketing professional. He focuses on targeting new leads and new customers to increase sales coming through every website and landing page.