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How to Create the Best Amazon Product Page – Mitchell Alomar

Amazon Product Page Design

In September of 2019, there were 150.6 million people who were using the Amazon US app. There were reportedly 119,928, 851 products on Amazon in April 2019.

How to Create Best Amazon Product Page

Needless to say, these stats have only grown since then. Therefore, it’s pretty evident if any of us want to make our Amazon product page stand out, we will have to compete with a bunch load of competitors. Fortunately, Mitchell Alomar is here to help us with just that.

Best Amazon Product Page

Grow your product page with high converting product images, product titles, and product descriptions.

We all know that shopping online is a much different experience than going to a brick-and-mortar store, and selling on Amazon in particular requires us to get all the details right.

If we really want our product pages to work, they need to have the best combination of the correct keywords, good images, crisp descriptions, and several more factors.


1. Make sure your product image is detailed, which describes the product features, quality, and how it works.

2. Your Amazon Product Title, should be 250 characters. Don’t write long sentences, keep it short and simple with bullet points of the features. Find keywords with search volume from SEMRush.

3. The Product short description is more important than the long description. Highlight keywords from your product title and give more detail of the product.

Let Mitchell Alomar review your amazon product page, an amazon marketing specialist with more than six years of agency experience. He helps businesses grow their bottom line profits, build paid search campaigns, and grow organic ranking.

Achieve the ultimate Amazon product page. So, without wasting another time and resources, get in touch with him via a call or email, and let him guide you in crafting the perfect Amazon Listing Page.

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About Mitchell Alomar

Meet your marketing specialist with 6+ years of agency experience. No I do not own an agency, only looking for part time work to help grow small to mid size businesses. 

I help local businesses who need help with marketing in philadelphia or south jersey:
– From creating weekly email campaigns.
– Manage paid search campaigns (Google, Social, Linkedin )
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