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FREE Digital Marketing Audit

FREE Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing audits can be immensely useful for brands who know their marketing endeavors need improvement but don’t know exactly where their pain points are.

Let’s take a look at a free marketing audit using Facebook ads for the app Swissborg.

Campaign Targeting

The Campaign Manager is very important in personalizing a brand’s ad campaigns. For Swissborg, we used conversion as an objective via Optimization for conversion goals, rather than focusing solely on clicks.

From there, we created multiple campaigns for each location relevant to the app– Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and the Netherlands. We also set the age range to between 20 and 40, which were found to be the most convertible demographics based on analytics.

When we went into more detailed targeting, we made multiple campaigns to separate each interesting target.

This is a more efficient way to track conversions.

New Ads

Using photoshop, we created a quick ad image that featured app store availability, crisp images, and an eye-catching header.

The key here is to have a ratio fo 80/20 text. The ad was approved by Facebook shortly after.

We made sure the ad had a high enough resolution that it would be eye-catching for both mobile and desktop viewing. It’s necessary to test both formats to ensure quality, as well as the links, CTAs, and text posts that accompany the Facebook ad post.

Event Tracking

Our goal was to track how website traffic converted through the ad. We used event tracking to see how many downloads were coming from the ad for both the App Store and Google Play.

We used the Create a Custom Audience setting to track these events with simple HTML code.


The object was fast, easy ad creation for Facebook that increased website traffic conversions.

The result was a cost per click that was less than $0.50 when it came to the A/B testing, which we would consider a great success.

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