Gluvit – New Online Store: Website Design, Page Features, Product Images – Mitchell Alomar

Website Design

Gluvlt, a new online store that designs dog waste bags, recently had its complete web design redone on Shopify Mitchell Alomar. The product images, too, were designed by Mitchell. These images highlight the features of the product, the doggy icons describe its various features, and Mitchell has also added the review feature along with an add-to-cart option that has a unique hovering element.

Bringing more than six years of agency experience, Mitchell is known to help businesses with their marketing needs. Beginning from the development of weekly email campaigns and managing paid search campaigns, to creating graphics from absolute scratch, Mitchell Alomar handles a bunch of eclectic marketing needs and requirements.

Website Design

Mitchell can help architect a Shopify store for your brand that will help in driving traffic to your page owing to a mix of several ingredients. He assists you in coming up with a landing page that instantly attracts the audience and prods them to explore more about your store, converting at industry-leading rates.

He also buffers your marketing campaigns through the creation of Smart Google Ads. The SEO techniques are handled in a manner such that your store ranks high among the top pages, which in turn allows customers to discover your store and explore your products and services.