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Paid advertising still remains a popular option for driving immediate traffic to a website. This allows you to capture leads and gain sales without waiting for your website to rank in Google and other major search engines. While there are many new and upcoming ad platforms, Google Ads still remains the preferred option for many business owners and internet marketers.

About 65% of all small and medium businesses have utilized paid search advertising through Google or another platform. If you would like to take advantage of this platform, the first step is to learn how to create your own Google Ads Account.

Creating A Google Ads Account

There are different ways to create a Google Ads account – first, consider the type of account you want to create. You can set up a sub-account on a manager’s Google Ads profile, or choose to create your own, which will be linked to your preferred Google account.

To set up a private Google Ads account, you need access to a Google account, as well as some information about your business. This includes location, timezone, and currency preferences.

You start by visiting – click the “Start Now” button and sign in to the Google Account you will use. Agree to the terms and then set up a campaign if you have the appropriate details with you.

If you are creating a sub-account from a manager profile, start by signing into the manager account. Click on “Settings,” then “Sub-Account Settings.” Look for a plus button and click it. Follow the simple instructions to set up a sub-account.


Google Ads is a great platform for driving traffic to a website, landing page, or online store. It is easy to get started with this platform, and with some optimization, you can get a good CPC rate. Learning how to create your own Google Ads account is the first step to ensuring you can utilize the platform.

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Who is Mitchell Alomar?

Worked with multiple Digital Agencies as a PPC Manager.

His key responsibility in every role, to develop strategies, maintaining campaign performance, and managing that efficiently promote products and services for businesses. 

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Every Paid Advertising Channel such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, which plays a substantial role in enhancing a business’s sales, as well as driving high-quality website traffic. 

Mitchell Alomar is a Google Ad certificated marketing professional. He focuses on targeting new leads and new customers to increase sales coming through every website and landing page.