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Facebook ads are a great way to get prospective customers to a local business website. However, without live chat features enabled on such websites, it’s possible to miss out on tons of opportunities to generate new leads.

In today’s world, people want solutions. More importantly, they want it fast. As a result, a phone call or email doesn’t cut it anymore. For Mitchell Alomar and the local businesses he specializes in, live chat is the new cool. More importantly, they are highly effective.

Google ads can help generate paid traffic for local businesses. However, to really generate leads and provide an opportunity for lead conversion, live chat is necessary.

More importantly, it offers a lot of benefits when combined with Facebook ads or Google ads. For Mitchell Alomar, live chats can be used to replace some conventional lead generation methods while adding the unique twist of increased customer satisfaction.

With live chat (whether with a chatbot or a real-life salesperson), local businesses can provide customer support in real time. More importantly, they can close sales more quickly compared to the method of sending emails.

Furthermore, live chat can be used as a tool for automating the sales process. As a result, local businesses can enjoy the benefits of a 24/7 system that can generate leads and, more importantly, convert them.

Facebook ads and Google ads do a pretty good job of getting the visitors to the website. However, Mitchell Alomar recommends using a live chat feature because it catches the customer’s attention. The stats point to this. 82% of customers who converse with a local business using live chat are more likely to become customers.

With live chat, it is possible to generate leads by collecting customer details that will be used later in the sales process. More importantly, since texting is the order of the day, it’s more organic and natural for users.

Generating Leads With Live Chat: An Example

An example of the methodology of generating leads with live chats is the pre-chart survey. As an expert marketer, Mitchell Alomar advises designing this feature to be as user friendly as possible.

The pre-chart survey is used to ask visitors a few questions before the live chart starts. Such questions usually include names, phone numbers, etc. The advantage of this is that with a first-name, live chats will sound more personal. More importantly, it saves contact details, thereby generating leads for possible conversion.

Live chat is a part of the latest steps to making the sales process easier for the customer and the business. Take advantage of them today!

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