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How to Optimize Amazon Product Images – Mitchell Alomar

If you’re selling on Amazon, the fact that it currently has more than 2.5 million active sellers might shock you. With that much competition, it’s not hard to fall short on your sales. 

That’s not to say that you’re just “another one”, but you could easily fall under that category if you don’t start optimizing your product pages accordingly. Here’s why.

When we talk about Amazon marketing, we’re essentially talking about SEO. You want to optimize your product pages in order to reach:

  • Lower PPC ACoS (and thus higher profits)
  • Increased organic sales
  • A better ranking on Amazon product page listings
  • Better click-through rates and better conversions

So, if more people click on your product and buy it, you have a higher chance of topping the search results. How can you make that happen?

A great way to drive more clicks to your product is by optimizing your product images. Amazon has a large list of image requirements that, if followed, will boost your Amazon sales. Here they are:

  • For a lower risk of rejection, the color mode RGB is preferred
  • Use acceptable formats: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG
  • Take professional photos in various angles, different contexts to show usability and dimensions, as well as a white background
  • Make sure your images are at least 1000 pixels in either height or width, so prospects can zoom in and see in better detail

(Click here to see all of Amazon’s image requirements.) 

Sounds pretty easy, right? In theory, yes. But some people won’t have a high-quality phone camera or a professional camera to take crisp pictures. Plus, these pictures need a lot of professional editing afterward to look irresistible for potential buyers. 

You want more than just professional photos—you want added detail, information, demonstration. You want pictures that help the buyer see the product’s features and benefits right away and leaves no questions unanswered so they’re ready to buy.

Take a look at these pictures marketing expert Mitchell Alomar designed for a brand of reusable mop pads.



Doesn’t the “after” say a lot more about the product? It not only shows different uses, but the product’s benefits, dimensions, and the best shots. All at first sight. Now that’s what a product image should look like to drive more sales and get you to the top. Want to improve your Amazon product page listing? Contact Mitchell Alomar to get a free estimate and a quick turnaround.

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