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Lead Generation Landing Page – Redesign – Plastic Surgeon Before And After

Before we get started, I strongly recommend anyone driving website traffic from paid ads on google, social or Linkedin. Pause your campaigns and see this website conversion optimize landing page, which is focused on drive more leads.

Before turning on marketing paid campaigns. There were a number of things we immediately sought to improve for Dr. Steven Davis’s landing page.

Before we dive into the changes, let’s talk about Dr. Steven Davis’ business (and the kind of customers his landing page needed to reach) and lead generation expert Mitchell Alomar.

Who is Dr. Steven Davis?

Dr. Steven Davis is a Top Rated New Jersey plastic surgeon. He has been featured on numerous television programs and also hosts a podcast about cosmetic surgery practices. 

It was very necessary that his website reflected his clients in a number of ways, namely by fitting a modern landing design that provided easy access to forms above the folder to capture more inquires and capture more phone calls.

Who is Mitchell Alomar?

Mitchell Alomar is a digital marketing expert with a focus on lead generation to capturing high-quality leads at a low cost, from sales pages to landing pages. Alomar went to work on one of Dr. Davis’s landing pages, and the result was a much more conversion-friend page that really showcased the personality of Dr. Davis’s brand.



What the New Landing Page Changed (for the Better)

To start, we decided to make the embedded consultation form much smaller to make more room for more conversion-friendly content. 

We also included a top header video as well as a navigation bar complete with a list of his services (in the form of graphic buttons) that lead to various sales pages. We also decided to insert a coupon in the footer to add the lead incentive to the landing page.

The end result was a new landing page that improved phone calls, provided necessary form submissions, before and after photos, above the fold content, mobile optimization, button interaction, provided tracking for analytics purposes, kicked up the user interface, and provided a clean visually interesting style.

If you need to improve your website and wish to work with Mitchell Alomar to create new landing pages, sales pages, and more, reach out today to learn more about our services!

Are you impressed with this lead generation landing page? Tell us your critique in the comments below.

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