Marketing Campaigns and Coronavirus: What’s Changing?

The coronavirus outbreak has people around the globe in a state of quietly brewing panic.

As a result, consumers are spending more time in self-quarantine and exhibiting behaviors that would be uncommon in non-outbreak scenarios. Businesses that engage in digital marketing are also suffering (and benefiting, in some cases) from the outbreak.

So how is the coronavirus affecting marketing campaigns?

To start, e-commerce sales are up. This makes a lot of sense, as most people are working from home, avoiding crowded stores, and staying indoors. This is great news for e-commerce marketers who are developing ad campaigns to target this sudden online demographic.

Just as well, SEO visitors are high at the moment. Blogs that are using the right keywords to pull in visitors that are trying to learn more about the coronavirus are getting some substantial outstanding traffic. This is especially so for medical websites, traveling blogs, and food-related sites.

During an outbreak, one would assume that digital marketing campaigns would jump on the bandwagon and start drafting culturally relevant content about the virus for the purpose of gaining leads. Surprisingly, this doesn’t seem to be the case, outside of writing informative pieces. (Much like this one!) It’s difficult to say why this is– perhaps it is because the topic of COVID-19 is particularly stressful, so including the subject in otherwise cheeky and entertaining ad campaigns from certain sectors could be seen as immature and possibly harmful.

On the negative side, B2B companies are suffering from canceled business events. Business events overall are down, as no one is interested in traveling or meeting in crowded areas. Plus, travel restrictions in certain areas have made business events impossible.

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