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Are you looking for a Professional PPC Specialist with over 6+ years of Digital Marketing Agency Experience? 

Want to create high converting ad campaigns for your business with lead tracking / low cost traffic.




Maximizing Your Profits with Lead Generation Landing Pages
-Mitchell Alomar

Feel free to check out the examples below and contact me for more information.

Creating The Ad Content, Ad Graphic, Campaign Targeting, and Showing Results

Mitchell Alomar - Social Media Ads

Recent Facebook Advertising Campaign

Average Form Submission $13.06

Conversion ROI
Return on Investment

Google Ad Campaigns

PPC Management Made Smarter

Work smarter with automatic script optimizations and reporting in a fraction of the time so you can focus on your business more effectively, and grow your bottom line.

  • Find High Profit Keyword Conversions 

  • STOP Losing Money On Wasted Clicks

  • Daily Digital Management / Hourly Reports

  • New Ad Copy / New Keywords / New Keyword Bidding

  • Search Ads – Shopping Ads – Retargeting Ads

Maintaining profitable campaigns takes time and an understanding of how AdWords ( Google Ads ) can drive traffic and conversions. Whether it’s text, display, or product listing ads, we execute a paid search strategy customized to your business’s unique goals.

Managed Media: 20-30k per day

#1 Digital Marketing Reports
Track Phone Calls, Form Submissions, Live Chats

PPC Frequently Asked Questions

1st Step: 

Setup a free call to discuss your campaign goals, do you currently have a campaign setup? if so, do you have someone managing the ads.  Do you want another eye to review your campaigns?

What if you can gain an extra 20% more revenue by Mitchell Alomar giving you a free ppc audit. 

Even if you dont hire him, it’s a gain for you.

Feel free to give me a call 347-562-3088 or email me

Do you have any campaigns running for months or years which has advertising data with keywords, ad copy.

This allows Mitchell Alomar to review the campaign find the winning, losing, conversion improvements. 

Every client has a different ad spend / different ad structure / different daily management.

Feel free to give me a call 347-562-3088 or email me 

A PPC Audit is a scan of your current campaigns or what would I recommend to start a new campaign.

What am I looking for within each ppc audit?

What are some current successful / losing keywords, ad copy, location targeting and is conversion setup properly.

Everyone gets a ppc audit, ether if you want to get started or just browsing around.

Feel free to give me a call 347-562-3088 or email me


  • Not checking account often enough
  • Adding TOO many keywords
  • Neglecting keyword match types
  • Too many keywords per ad group
  • Bad or NO account organization
  • Never looking at Quality Score
  • Targeting wrong landing pages on website
  • Overlooking basic campaign settings (location, device, scheduling)
  • Disregarding Ad Extensions
  • Setting one bid and not adjusting
  • No conversion tracking
  • Not linking Google Analytics
  • Not testing ad variations

Feel free to give me a call 347-562-3088 or email me


WHO IS Mitchell Alomar???

The Marketing Specialist

 Mitchell Alomar has 6+ Years working with multiple Digital Agencies as a PPC Manager.  His key responsibility in every role, to develop strategies, maintaining campaign performance, and managing that efficiently promote products and services for businesses. 

Every Paid Advertising Channel such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, which plays a substantial role in enhancing a business’s sales, as well as driving high-quality website traffic

Mitchell Alomar is a Google Ad certificated marketing professional. He focuses on targeting new leads and new customers to increase sales coming through every website and landing page.

Mitchell Alomar will build your paid campaigns from scratch and implement tracking results on all form submissions– including phone calls and digital sales.

A PPC Manager should continue to create, analyze, and optimize multiple PPC campaigns to reach a maximum return on investment with search terms, negative keywords, bidding, ad copy, adjust call results, form submission entries, ecommerce sales, walk-in’s and more.


B2B | B2C | Ecommerce

Track ROI -
Return on Investment

Top 3 Reasons
To Use Google Ads

Here are 3 reasons to use Google Ads for your business, ether to target new clients, new customers, b2b leads, b2c leads and ecommerce sales.

  • Track The Cost Per Phone Call / Email Submission

  • Get Results The Same Day

  • ROI Ecommerce Sales - What is your cost per sale

Mitchell Alomar
DAILY Operations
& Campaign Optimization

Google Ads: 10X Higher Conversions - Full Indepth Paid Search Reports

#1 PPC Manager: The daily operations of accounts of each campaign.

Exclusive Scripts and Tools to manage all google ads. 

Get The Results You Deserve.

  • Google Ads - Website Tracking Technology

Get cutting-edge click fraud detection and leads directly from Google.

  • Google Ads - Support

Daily campaign monitoring and contact support via phone calls, emails, and text.

  • Google Ads - Detail Reporting

Weekly and monthly campaign reporting and analytics and prompt communication between Mitchell Alomar and you.

  • Google Ads - Supermetric Tools

Conversion-driven ad campaign monitoring, implementation, and overall management.

  • Google Ads - Bid Optimization

Daily bid optimization will ensure you that receive the maximum ROI for your specific campaign.

  • Google Ads - Negative Keywords

Prompt identification and removal of harmful keywords that aren’t serving your ad campaign.

  • Google Ads - New Keywords

Identifying new keywords and fresh new opportunities to generate leads in your campaign.

  • Google Ads - Landing Page Creation and Optimization

Mitchell Alomar will optimize your existing landing pages to increase overall conversion rates and advertising ROI.

  • Google Ads - Competitors Analysis

Keeping an eye on your Google Ads competitors, especially those in your niche, to stay a step ahead.

  • Best Budget Utilization

Best utilization of a campaign budget daily, weekly and monthly.

  • Google Ads Account and Campaign Auditing

Receive a detailed report of your account standing, possible campaign flaws, and new opportunities.


“Mitch is continuing to prove he is a digital advertising wizard. It seems like you are constantly trying to improve our process and results. It is easy to overlook all of the hard work going on behind the scenes to keep out sales funnel full. Please know I really appreciate all of the dedication you have to us. We finally feel like we are performing at a high level in our digital advertising space.”

- Paul M

“Mitchell You’ve been incredibly generous with your marketing advice and referral and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it.”

- Brian H

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