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    GeoTie LLC is located in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was started in 2017, to provide a quality yet affordable solution for small business to rank on Google.

    Benefits of SEO
    to your Business

    SEO leads to Better User Experience

    SEO is a primary source of Leads

    SEO brings higher Close Rates

    SEO results to higher Conversion Rates

    SEO encourages local users to visit the physical store after the search

    Is your website
    SEO friendly?

    Search Engine Optimization is one of the strategies that will help you ace the competition. SEO refers to the ability of a website to gain qualitative website visits through organic search engine results. Make sure to take on the challenge and use SEO to your advantage.

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    It's time to kick your competition's ass! With our SEO you can typically see improvements in your rankings within the first 30 DAYS! SEO does take time and we are super confident in the quality of our work and our process.

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    SEO Frequently
    Asked Questions

    Yes, you would need an active Google Ads or Facebook Ads Account. your ad accounts will connect our system, enabling our algorithms to work with them.

    No, the advertising costs are billed directly by Google & Facebook and we do not provide the official invoices from those platforms. We are only charging you for the service fees.

    Yes, you can set a daily budget limit and can pause or stop your campaigns at any time.

    Yes, there is no commitment to use GeoTieLLC. You can stop the service at any time.

    You can check the overview of your campaign on our app dashboard & drill down to specific data with reports.

    Still have questions about your Advertising Campaigns?

    mitchell alomar

    About Mitchell Alomar

    Meet your marketing specialist with 6+ years of agency experience. No I do not own an agency, only looking for part time work to help grow small to mid size businesses. 

    I help local businesses who need help with marketing in philadelphia or south jersey:
    – From creating weekly email campaigns.
    – Manage paid search campaigns (Google, Social, Linkedin )
     Create Graphics from scratch (photoshop, canvas)


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    Mitchell Alomar

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