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The Ultimate PPC Monthly Improvements Checklist

Is your PPC campaign not quite living up to your expectations?

PPC can be quite a volatile way to get leads, but it’s also a very effective way to get leads as well. One way to deal with a PPC ad campaign that may not be doing as well as it could be is to adhere to a checklist.

Luckily, Mitchell Alomar has drafted a free PPC Monthly Checklist for you to follow when you perform your monthly PPC campaign review, plus a few tips and tool recommendations.

Let’s take a look.

The Ultimate PPC Monthly Improvements Checklist

Before we dive into the checklist, it’s worth defining what a lead is. A lead is a phone call, form submission, live chat, or website purchase that occurs as the result of a PPC ad click. The purpose of this checklist is to ensure that you’re generating the most leads or interactions from your target audience as possible.

PPC Monthly Review

  1. Review your ad copy. With a thorough review, you can see if your messaging is converting clients or customers effectively.
  2. Take note of successful keywords. Which keywords are bringing in leads and conversions? Which one are bringing in a new customer base?
  3. Take note of bad keywords. Pause or completely remove keywords that are costing you too much money and not performing well.
  4. Take note of seasonal keywords. Turn off or turn on ad campaigns that relate to seasonal things like holidays, weather, search trends, etc. for the upcoming month.

PPC Monthly Improvements

  1. Review your landing pages. Perform an A/B test for different styles, headlines, titles, etc.
  2. Apply more of your budget towards successful keywords. This will help you get the best return on investment or ROI possible.
  3. Listen to recorded phone calls. This can help you see the quality of the lead per keyword and what kind of customer needs relate to that keyword.
  4. Review competitor keywords. By keeping an eye on what your competition is doing, you can get some new ideas for new markets.
  5. Create new ad copy. Put your copywriters to work on new campaigns for the next month.
  6. Switch your monthly remarketing ads. This usually involves creating new images. You don’t want to bore your audience with the same image over and over. Change up your style and imagery, and maybe consider trying out a new aesthetic altogether.
  7. Launch new products and services.

ROI Tracking

On a daily basis, you should keep track of what the cost per lead is to ensure that you stick to your monthly budget. Don’t do this on a monthly basis.

The only way to ensure that you don’t go over your allotted costs per month is to manage the click fees you accrue every day.

Mitchell Alomar Pro Tip Digital Agency Manager Advice

Here are a few things that Mitchell Alomar recommends in terms of PPC management tools:

  • PPC Reporting tool: Super Metrics
  • PPC Automation Scripts: Optmyzr
  • Tracking leads, phone calls, form submissions, and live chat: Zapier

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