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Tools To Work From Home While Social Distancing

You’ve heard by now that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is officially a pandemic that has touched every corner of the globe. Symptoms for COVID-19 range from mild to severe with the most common ones at early stages classified as sore throat, dry cough, and a fever. As the illness progresses, pneumonia and breathing difficulties manifest. So far, cases have shown mortality rates are highest with older people and those with preexisting conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease.

In light of this, many companies regardless of their workforce age are asking all employees to work from home to help with social distancing and prevent the spread of infection. If your organization has asked this, here are some tools to ensure you’re working effectively from home, or can get your employer to grant this option for you. 

Work from home

If you have a laptop at work, then the easiest thing to do is bring this home with you and ensure you can successfully connect to your organization’s secure servers. This will require some configuration in some cases so seek out the help of our IT team at work. 

If you don’t have a laptop at work and use a desktop computer then there are many programs available that will let you remote access your desktop from home using your personal computer. Your IT team at work or boss will be able to help set this up for you. 

If you need to help set up a remote work environment, TeamViewer is a great tool that can help enable this for you by providing remote secure access to computers at work. 

Collaborative Task Management

Working from home means there’s a natural barrier to collaboration and communication compared to when you’re in the office. In such a case, it’s good to utilize task management tools that can not only help you organize your day-to-day work but create transparency so the rest of your team knows what you’re working on. Asana, for example, is a fantastic tool for task and project management. It has a free plan and you can invite collaborators to set up workspaces where each of you has insight into what everyone is working on.

Take sales efforts online

If you’re a sales professional and a good amount of your company’s sales efforts involved face to face meetings then remote work will make this challenging as we fight the COVID-19 virus. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the efforts online and invest in using avenues such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator to reach out to prospects. Similarly, utilize the scalability of channels such as live-chat, email, phone, and text to work through your lead list digitally when reaching out. It’s tough times and even a video conference chat will be effective when everyone is looking to work remotely including your prospects.  

If the Coronavirus has affected your business and sales have taken a dip, then reach out to Mitchell Alomar who might be able to help navigate this new way of working and revitalize your growth through digital channels. 

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