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3 Best Ways to Track Google Ads Results

Most companies don’t believe that Google Ads drive results; why is that? How to Track Google Ads Results?

Track Google Ads Results

Maybe it’s because they’re not responding to inquiries quickly enough. Perhaps their ad copy doesn’t align with the message they’re portraying? 

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Much of the time, companies aren’t receiving the results they expect from their Google search ads because they’re not tracking them.

They are unaware of where the leads go once they convert. 

Here are three simple ways to track your PPC Google Ads. 

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1. Phone Calls 

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One significant way that companies can track their paid search ads is through phone calls. When a potential customer sees your ad and they pick up the phone and dial, you should have a way of tracking that. 

For example, a local gym looking to increase their members may use a special “phone only” offer containing a code for a free month or 10% off, for example. When the person calls, they provide that code, and you know they came from your Google Ad. Simple right? 

Track Google Ads Results

2. Form Submissions

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To get the best ROI and results from your Google Ads, you need to provide as many ways as possible for leads to convert. Having a form on every page helps people who aren’t interested or maybe cannot pick up the phone right now. 

On that form, you should have a field for them to enter how they found out about your company. Include Google Ads on there, and you can then track how many people head to the form submission section from your paid ads. 

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3. Live Chats 

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38% of consumers are indeed more likely to do business with a company that offers live chat. It provides you an opportunity to answer questions and address issues that may drive away a potential customer. 

For example, if you’re a roofing company and someone is unsure about whether or not they need a new roof. You might be able to offer them some advice through the live chat that may answer their questions. 

When they discover they need a new roof, you know who they’re hiring for the job. When the lead opens the live chat, you can require this person to enter their name, where they found you, and anything else you feel is necessary.

This will help you track who came to your live chat from the Google Ad

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