5 Valentine’s Day Digital Marketing Tactics – Mitchell Alomar

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner and for many brands, that means that now’s the time to start planning out digital campaigns for Valentine’s Day.

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

If you know you want to celebrate this occasion but don’t know exactly what you should do, I’ve got you covered.

Day Digital Marketing Tactics

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

Keep reading as I go through 🥰 five tactics to remember this February!

1.❤️ Send out well-design emails.

Design is always important and, considering the fact that your customers will probably receive dozens of branded 💌 emails on Valentine’s Day, you want yours to stand out.

😍My tip? 💡 Keep your visuals clean and simple (as well as your copywriting).

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

2. ❤️ Make organic posts on social media.

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to get creative and plan out a unique social media campaign.

Perhaps you could 💡organize a contest, 💡 create a campaign around user-generated content or 💡put out a unique video

– whatever you do, remember to post during the 🥰 entire week and not just on the 14th!

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

3. ❤️ Use email marketing to send out new deals.

Everyone will be buying gifts for their loved one and this is an opportunity you can’t miss. Start sending out 💑promotional emails, with special deals as well as any new products or services, at least two weeks before Valentine’s Day.

4. ❤️ Use push notifications.

Nowadays, everyone’s always on their phones.

Sending out push notifications and finding your customers instead of waiting for them to find you can be a very efficient way of 💕leading them to your website or landing page.

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

5. ❤️ Advertise on Facebook.

Many other brands will be posting on social media to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which means you’ll have a lot of competition.

In order for people to notice you, make sure to 😉 include Facebook ads in your social media strategy.

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

Having a solid digital strategy for widely-known days like this can make your brand stand out among many others.

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

❤️ so remember to make the most out of Valentine’s Day this year and you’ll see your sales (and your brand) grow.

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

If you’d like a hand creating your campaign, I’d love to work alongside you. ❤️ Get in touch today! ❤️

Mitchell Alomar - Digital Marketing

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